Save My Basement!


Published: 07/18/2013

by Beth Newcomb


“We met Frank a few years ago at the Home and Garden Show,” recalls an exuberant Elaina Zgrabik. “My husband, Jeff, and I spoke to him about fixing our basement, but we weren’t quite ready at that time. This year, however, the damage had progressed to a point that we knew was the prelude to bigger trouble.”


Elaina goes on to explain that her basement walls were starting to buckle under the weight of her home and that water was leaking in. She and Jeff wondered how much longer their house would remain structurally sound.


They called Frank Tomaro, owner of On-Call Waterproofing, to come out and take a look. They also called in some other companies to offer opinions and estimates, but, ultimately, they stuck with their initial plan and went with Frank.


“He sat down with us, talked about what we wanted, and then put together a plan. He offered us a permanent solution that made the most sense,” Elaina says. “Because three of our basement walls needed to be rebuilt, we decided to take the opportunity presented and have the space changed to a walk-out.”


“I couldn’t be home for any of the work and had to exclusively rely on Frank’s expertise and professionalism,” she continues.


“The house had to be jacked up and I was kind of nervous about that, but Frank and his crew put our minds at ease right away. Frank was on the job, doing the excavation and running the big equipment. If he had any questions he called me at work to discuss them. He even did extra things to help me out, like replant all of my old landscaping at the back of the property.


Anthony was the bricklayer and he created our walk-out basement.”


Elaina reports that during the entire process, five to seven guys were at her house working constantly and professionally.
“These guys were clean, clean, clean,” she proclaims. “I could not believe how clean they kept everything, and there had been a lot of rain. If Frank told me the crew would be there at 7:30 a.m., they were there at 7:30 a.m.”


Frank and his team come equipped with the latest technology, and a shop on wheels, to save you time and money.


“Before we even begin our work we notify your neighbors that we’ll be on your property,” Frank inserts. “Then, we carefully remove and save any trees and shrubs and put down a plywood sidewalk to protect your grass. Because we bring our shop on wheels with us, we never have to leave a job to go to the store for pieces and parts. I also buy all of my materials in bulk and pass the savings on to my customers.”


Frank, who is present on every job, is a Certified Master Sewer Builder with over 15 years of experience. He is able to bring an exceptional level of knowledge and professionalism to every project.


“We do what’s right for our customers—always,” he emphasizes. “I treat every one of them like a family member. I treat every yard as if it were my own. My goal is to never have to come back to your home. We don’t use subcontractors and we don’t have outside salespeople.”


When completing a waterproofing job, On-Call’s standard is to install a half-inch of foam insulation that acts as a vapor barrier on the exterior as part of the regular price. “Some companies use visqueen only but that doesn’t do the job. Our insulation will keep the interior of your basement from feeling humid,” Frank elaborates.


“Even after the recent 16-day record-setting rainfall of over 7”, our basement looks, feels and smells dry,” says Elaina.


“I could not have had a better experience,” Elaina smiles. “I would suggest that anyone considering basement waterproofing call Frank. He’ll take care of you.”


And, when you refer On-Call to someone you know, whether you’ve been a past client or not, Frank will send you a hundred bucks as a thank you.


Another thing Frank is proud of is the fact that he answers all of his own calls. You can reach him directly at 440-476-3602. Visit the website,, to view a video of a basement waterproofing job from start to finish.Visit for even more information.