Rock the deck


Published: 07/12/2016

by Bill Yurgen

“You know, I'm at the point in my life where I'm really trying to simplify things. When it comes to taking care of my deck, Dave and the good folks at Deck Rescue have done just that. For the past four years they've made sure my deck is something I don't have to worry about and it always looks great! Whether it's just a power washing or an entire refinish, they're quick, they're friendly and they're affordable. Do yourself a favor and let Deck Rescue worry about your deck...and you just enjoy it!”

-Michael Stanley, singer, songwriter and musician


When spring and summer arrive, us north coast types instinctively begin spending as much time outside as possible. So where do we spend the most of that outdoor time? Right in our backyards-grilling, gardening and just chilling out. For a great many of us, that means living on our decks.


Your Home's Biggest Attachment

Most decks are large enough to be seen by Google Earth from far above. Here on land, a deck is typically the largest feature at the rear of most homes. Aside from being a place to gather, it's a big focal point-for better or for worse. 


“Because of your deck's size, there is an awful lot of surface area exposed to the elements,” says Dave Hydock, president and founder of Deck Rescue, while explaining how once-beautiful decks can become eyesores.


“Here in Ohio, the weather just doesn't seem to offer exposed decks a break. From blistering heat that dries the wood causing splitting and warping to high humidity days that can foster the perfect environment for mold and rot to infest your family's favorite hangout, summer weather is very challenging for your deck if it is not properly protected. Fall and winter can be just as bad. Between excessive moisture saturating the porous wood and the freeze cycle of icing and thawing, splitting and aging are common problems for unprotected decks.” 


Making Wood Beautiful

Dave founded Deck Rescue in 1995 and has since expertly restored all types of exterior wood for homeowners and commercial property owners. Each year, Deck Rescue cares for over 2,500 decks, fences, log homes, gazebos and other wood structures by offering exterior power washing, sealing and restoration services. He notes that Deck Rescue has become a go-to provider for many satisfied customers.


“We focus on the integrity of our work rather than the size of a given project. In order to maintain a consistent quality, we limit the number of crews we operate,” he says. “Our 20 years of experience has taught us well, yet we still find new things to learn. Every year brings improvements to our process and the product we produce. This year we celebrate our new alliance with Defy Wood Stain, which joins our partnerships with Sherwin Williams and Wolman for high-performance coatings. We are really excited about the adhesion and durability of Defy's products, which incorporate nano particle technology.”


New Versus Existing

Can a new deck benefit from Deck Rescue? Dave says the most beautiful decks are the ones properly maintained right from the beginning.


If you have a new deck, he suggests you contact the company to discuss an initial staining and a maintenance program, so your fabulous deck never has to be rescued.


For existing deck owners, a visit to the company's website,, offers examples of neglected decks returned to their former glory.


A Word About Composite Decks

In the past several years, deck surfaces built with composite materials have gained some popularity with the promise of reduced maintenance. Although coating is not necessary, annual cleaning is a must. Due to the nature of the composite material, mold growth is a common problem. Deck Rescue is an expert in mold mitigation.


Deck Rescue is now booking jobs for the season. For more information or for an online estimate, visit the website at To arrange your “Deck Rescue” in Medina County, call 330-764-3007.