Montrose Laserwash


Published: 03/25/2010

by Beth Newcomb

Forbes magazine recently anointed Cleveland with a distinction that places it at the top of the heap among the “Chilliest Cities” in the United States—ahead of Boston and New York City—with winters that “require endurance.”

And then there’s spring.

Spring in Northeast Ohio arrives startlingly fast; most of us are pulling at the necks of our turtleneck sweaters to find relief from the heat when the seasons suddenly change. But the corrosive cocktail of road salt that turned every car on the road an unattractive shade of chalk white is still there begging to be washed away.

There’s only one way to get your car really clean, and it doesn’t involve a trip through the car wash at your local gas station, where recycled cold water is the standard and “felt” pads barely touch the bumpers. At those places, if you’re lucky, you might find that some of the salt and road filth rinses off, but you’re forced to sport a skunk stripe of dirt down the back of your ride. The big nylon spinner just can’t reach that far. And that’s where the scratches end, too.

But at Montrose Laserwash, owner Kurt Loos has the most advanced car wash system available in the state of Ohio. You don’t have to worry about the brushes reaching the back of your car.

Because there aren’t any.

He’s just spent thousands of dollars to upgrade what was already the most advanced way to rid your car of dirt, grime, and “winter white”: a touchless power laser wash. But now when you visit, your wait time and wash time have been reduced, and you’re car is still treated to a thorough power cleaning.

But before the new technology could really get off the ground, there was a small setback.

“We were in the process of converting our system to an even higher efficiency model when an accidental fire wiped out our equipment room, damaged the roof, and closed us down for about a month,” Kurt explains. “But we’ve re-replaced all of the equipment that we’d been working on and we’re fully operational again.”

Kurt smiles as he recounts the story of one client who called to find out when the carwash would be open for business again. The customer insisted he would just wait to get his car washed until Montrose Laserwash reopened.

It might sound surprising that a car wash could garner such devotion. But Kurt is used to the attention.

That’s because a car wash at Montrose Laserwash is always a hot water wash. The entire power spray system has been upgraded.It still features the revolutionary arch that rotates around the entire exterior of any sized car perfectly, all while maintaining a precise 14-inch distance from its surface. “It senses the size of your car and adjusts the wash accordingly,” Kurt says. “It’s completely customized.”

Dirt is powered off every square inch of the front, back, and underneath of your vehicle. Even if you have a black car, you don’t have to worry about swirl marks and scratches. And if you have a Mini Cooper, or something equally diminutive, the sensors on the arm adjust to fit so that even the littlest cars come clean.

The new wash system at Montrose Laserwash has shaved about a minute-and-a-half off the entire process, something Kurt acknowledges his customers have already noticed. “They go to take a bite of their burgers and the wash is almost over,” he smiles. “But the speed with which the new system powers off the dirt saves a tremendous amount of water and chemicals while taking nothing away from the quality of the finished product.”

Because Kurt is sensitive to the need to provide a better value, he refuses to increase prices to compensate for the expense of the new technology. “I’m able to keep my prices where they have been since I opened because this new system is actually going to save on the cost of resources,” he reveals.

Both of his high-tech laserwash bays have received an equipment overhaul, which means there’ll be less time spent waiting on busy days. “The new system has the same bells and whistles as before, we’ve just slashed the time with new technology,” Kurt says, noting that communication between the wash bays and the computer that operates them now happens via high-speed ethernet.

New doors have also been installed on both bays so customers never have to worry about it being too cold for the system to operate. The doors will open automatically once you’ve paid for your wash. Another change that Kurt implemented was to switch from Rain-X surface protectant to Armor All Body Shield. “It’s a better product,” he states. Some of the wash options have been adjusted, too. Be sure to check the menu board the next time you visit. And for a limited time you can get your car really clean for less, just by using the discount code found in the sidebar accompanying this story.

Montrose Laserwash—located at 58 Brookmont Road behind the Olive Garden on West Market Street and Swenson’s on Brookmont—is open 24/7/365. Visit the website to purchase discounted auto wash certificates at