Brookway Hearing Center is one of only 12 hearing centers in the entire state of Ohio certified to dispense the Lyric hearing device.



Published: 05/14/2013

by Ken McEntee


It was a surprising admission coming from a guy who fits the most technologically advanced hearing aids available.


But Robert Pavlik, Jr., a board certified Hearing Instrument Specialist, Audioprosthologist and the owner of Brookway Hearing Center, in Strongsville, insisted that it’s true.


“There are no bad hearing aids,” he said.


“Fitting a hearing aid is all a matter of what device works best for you,” Robert says. “If you stay home and read books most of the time, you probably don’t need the super fancy hearing aid with the latest noise reduction capabilities.”


On the other hand, if you’re socially active and participate in a lot of conversation in settings with loud and distracting background noise, you may need a more advanced hearing device, he suggests.


“Everybody’s lifestyle and hearing situation is different,” Robert concludes.


That’s why Brookway will put you through a decidedly more extensive hearing exam than you might experience at some other hearing centers.


“There are some sound tests that we’re required to do,” Robert says. “But we don’t only do the standard testing. We want to delve further and focus not on a patient’s ability to hear sounds, but rather on his ability to understand speech.


The examination at Brookway starts with “getting to know you.”


“It’s important that we know a patient’s lifestyle, so we talk a little about his interests and where he spends his time,” Robert explains. “Once we have that figured out, we start the testing. We do the basic sound booth tests that everybody has to do, then we do some further testing on listening comprehension. I like to take patients outside to see how well they can understand speech in noisier environments near the traffic.”


Once Robert works with patients to discover precisely what hearing aids will work the best for them, he usually can send them home hearing a lot better than when they walked in the door.


“We have a lot of hearing devices in stock from 13 different manufacturers, so there’s a good chance we’ll have the right ones for you right in the store,” he says.


Many patients have recently discovered that the new extended-wear Lyric hearing devices are ideal for them.


“You can sleep with them. You can exercise with them. You can even shower with them. Best of all, you can hear very well with them. And nobody will ever know you have them in your ears,” Robert says. “The Lyric is really cool. It’s the world’s only 100% invisible, 24/7 wearable hearing aid, and you can wear it continuously for up to four months.”


Brookway is one of only 12 hearing centers in the entire state of Ohio certified to dispense the Lyric hearing device—and the next closest is almost an hour away, Robert says.


Unlike many other hearing aids, Lyric is hidden completely inside the ear canal, so it uses your ear’s natural anatomy to funnel sound to your eardrum. The unique placement of the hearing device creates exceptional natural sound quality, Robert promises.


Additionally, he says, each set of Lyric hearing aids is programmed to meet the wearer’s specific hearing needs.


“Lyric probably produces the most natural hearing that you can experience with a hearing aid,” he says. “After three months, we take the old device out and put a new one in,” Robert explains. “It’s a 15-minute office visit. At that time, patients automatically receive any available technology upgrades. There are no batteries to change and no daily maintenance with Lyric, so wearers can go about their lives without thinking about how well they are hearing.”


To demonstrate the aesthetic advantages and convenience of Lyric, Brookway is offering 30-day trials of the hearing device at no cost.


You can set up a visit to Brookway Hearing Center by calling 440-572-9929. Brookway is located at 12202 Pearl Road, in Strongsville. Hours are Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Evening and Saturday hours are by appointment. You can visit the website at for more information.