The programs Michelle Martin (center) developed are geared toward helping children and adults achieve greater success in school and work. Through drug-free treatment methods, clients are able to increase self-esteem and attention span, lessen impulsi

Helping Kids Cope


Published: 08/06/2012

by Patricia Nugent

The only place in Cleveland that offers a martial arts program designed around children with special needs—Insight Learning & Wellness Center—also brings together mind, body and spirit to instill patience, confidence, calm and focus.


Tae Kwon Do Fun Fusion classes are lead by Michelle Martin, Ed.S., Insight Founder and a school psychologist who has 26 years
of experience under her belt working with children. By the way, that happens to be a third-degree black belt.


“The number of children with ADD, ADHD, autism and other learning and emotional disabilities has grown at an alarming rate over the past few years,” says Michelle. “Working in different school systems, I was encouraged by the success of kids who combined physical and behavioral therapy with conventional medicine. And I’m proud to say that many kids who come
through our program have been able to stop taking medications altogether.”


Based in a quiet and tranquil building in Warrensville Heights, Insight has expanded over the past nine years to 4,000 square feet of space that includes a martial arts studio and treatment areas.


“I consulted with a Feng Shui expert,” says Michelle. “So in addition to walls that won’t echo and soft lighting that is calming, the art, fountains and dangling crystals encourage positive and balanced energy flow in a Zenlike environment.”


The Tae Kwon Do Fun Fusion classes blend fun character-building activities with social and emotional lessons to help kids
with challenges succeed in school and in life.


“Our program is geared toward helping kids help themselves with calm-down strategies, goal-setting, self-esteem building techniques, anger management and perseverance,” says Michelle. “With small classes of 6 to 12 students, there is a great deal of one-on-one and that helps children concentrate and learn to self-regulate their behavior.”


Parents of children who have been through the Tae Kwon Do program report they have made great strides. According to 13-year old Andrew’s mom and dad, who have been working with Insight for six years, “Michelle combines sensitivity and knowledge of the issues faced by kids with social and learning disabilities with a genuine affection for them. Our son leaves his Tae Kwon Do session tired, happy and successful in both improving his own skills and his interactions with other people.”


The TKD program is for children and adults. In addition, Insight offers a wide umbrella of other movement therapies, holistic treatments and counseling services, from yoga to massage and behavior modification for all ages.


A diverse group of licensed professionals rounds out the staff, including Marilyn Wise (addiction counseling, reiki, hypnosis), Vickie Bodnar-Kail (massage therapy and cranial sacral), Kareen Caputo (counseling), Ginny Csider (training, coaching), Todd
Corbin (coaching, meditation), Salvatore DiLiello (naturopathic doctor), Alice Langholt (reiki, energy healing), Rita Marie Thellian (neurofeedback) and Jared West (acupuncture).


“I meet with each adult or child and decide which therapy, or combination of therapies, would best fit their needs,” says Michelle.


If a child has not been officially diagnosed with special needs, but parents suspect there may be issues, Insight can also perform a complete psychological or educational evaluation. Following diagnosis, they can even follow through with advocacy at a child’s school.


Lastly, to create the most effective approach for children, Insight also treats the parents with workshops and nutritional counseling to teach them how to best bring out mindfulness and focus for themselves and their kids.


Insight Learning & Wellness Center is located at 25901 Emery Road, Suite 112, at the corner of Richmond Road, in Warrensville
Heights. It is an approved Ohio Autism Scholarship Program Provider. Call 216-765-4470 for more information, or visit www. for a complete listing of camps, workshops and class schedules.

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