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The Art of Dentistry

Dr. Mark Bedford has taken a passion for dentistry and turned it into an art form. Find out what patients are saying about his latest works.

Southwest General Health Watch: The heart-brain connection

According to Robyn Szeles, administrator of Southwest General’s Heart & Vascular Institute, it’s important to look at your entire circulatory system for any conditions that could lead to heart attack or stroke.

My Care Clinic

Published: 01/28/2015 by Ken McEntee in Health & Beauty

My Care Clinic

With same-day appointments and lower costs for on-demand medical treatment, Strongsville’s MyCare Clinic is there when you need it most.

Is Weight Loss Surgery the Answer?

If you are drastically overweight, the team at University Hospitals offers surgical options that can help you achieve long-term weight loss success.

The New Faces of Fitness—CrossFit

Published: 09/24/2009 by Carla Houdek in Health & Beauty

The New Faces of Fitness—CrossFit

Find out how this world-class team is getting Olympians and soccer moms to reach their peak performance.

Lavish Beauty Lounge is luxurious

For those who like to get their glam on in style, the opening of Lavish Beauty Lounge in Medina has been a game changer.

Bone and Joint Care

Published: 12/04/2012 by Ken McEntee in Health & Beauty

Bone and Joint Care

If you break a bone or have spine or back pain, the Orthopaedic Center and Spine & Pain Management Center at University Hospitals Geauga Medical Center are there to help. Here’s how.

Caring for People and Their Eyes

Published: 09/24/2009 by Amy Bulger in Health & Beauty

Caring for People and Their Eyes

Patients at Cirino Eye Center benefit from the latest advancements in eye care at one of the area's few ophthalmology practices. The center's remarkable level of individualized service has 85-year-old cataract-surgery patient Marcella Dennison procla

Introducing the University Hospitals Neurological Institute at Southwest General

The introduction of University Hospitals Neurological Institute at Southwest General means that local expertise from community-based physicians and enhanced access to a multidisciplinary team of nationally recognized specialists is now close to home.

Rometrics Salon connects beauty and well-being

Westlake’s Rometrics Salon & Spa is big on beauty, and on relaxation. As the owner of an Aveda Concept salon, Sherry Young offers natural ways to refresh.