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Optimize hearing for the holidays

If you have hearing loss, all the festive holiday gatherings could create complicated hearing environments that might make you avoid the event altogether.

Regain your function

Sharon Covey, of Solon’s The Center for Stroke and Hand Recovery, teaches patients exercises they can do in the office or at home to strengthen muscles that support specific joints.

Pain Relief

Published: 08/14/2013 by Patricia Nugent in Health & Beauty

Pain Relief

At Sabine Parker’s Parker Pain Management, athletes are experiencing dramatic relief from pain—and getting back to the sports they love. Here are the real-life success stories.

Summer Fun at The J

Published: 04/19/2012 by Mitch Allen in Health & Beauty

Summer Fun at The J

At the Mandel JCC, summer is a blast for kids and adults. And you do not have to be a Beachwood resident—everyone is invited.

Oh, Baby!

Published: 09/24/2009 by Beth Newcomb in Health & Beauty

Oh, Baby!

Here the stylists at Nola's offer first-hand tips on how to get—and keep—that gorgeous new-mom glow.

Do you have hidden hearing loss?

You could be suffering from hidden hearing loss and not even know it. Robert Pavlik Jr. and Susan Turano, of Strongsville’s Brookway Hearing Center, can help you find out for sure.

Health Watch: A Lasting Impression

How two hip replacement surgeries at Southwest General led to a lasting friendship.

Getting There

Published: 10/17/2012 by Patricia Nugent in Health & Beauty

Getting There

Jamie of Medina got her pre-baby body back. What will CrossFit Medina change for you?

Could you have hepatitis?

There are several types of hepatitis viruses, which generally have different modes of transmission, explains Suresh Mahajan, a gastroenterologist on the medical staff of Southwest General.

Seasonal Allergies Got You Down?

You are not alone.