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And Oh, That View!

Published: 09/24/2009 by Ken McEntee in Smart Living

And Oh, That View!

Weddings and other events starting at just $12.95 per person? Yes! At the Olde River Yacht Club, budget-conscious couples are treated to exceptional food, affordable prices, five-star service...

Rediscovering LaSalle Interiors

A remarkably low pricing structure and huge inventory are quickly putting Northeast Ohio's LaSalle Interiors firmly back on top.

Caring for the Area's Seniors

Here are the many ways Southwest General keeps seniors in our community healthy and safe—and living happily at home for as long as possible.

How to remove the gross gunk living in your carpets

Your carpets are harboring the ugly side of winter, like dirt, bacteria, and pet hair. But Northeast Ohio’s Cleveland Cleanpro can bring them back to their preseason glory, naturally.

The joy of hearing

Published: 02/16/2015 by Mary Malik in Health & Beauty

The joy of hearing

The team at Painesville Township’s MaryAnn’s Family Hearing can determine if you’re missing out on the joy of better hearing.

Second Chances

Published: 10/24/2011 by Mimi Vanderhaven in All Articles

Second Chances

Attorney Andrew Korduba is offering his exclusive “Gimme a Break! Bankruptcy Services” to Medina County residents who work hard in a tough economy—but just can't pay their bills.

Cut fruit centerpieces are a delicious alternative to flowers

You can’t eat a floral centerpiece, but you can eat a fruit tower from Edible Arrangements, of Mentor, Twinsburg and Independence. It’s a delicious alternative for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, or baby shower celebrations.

Staying fit, when summer’s over

Staying active can be easy in the summer months. But according to Dr. Aaron Wolkoff, of Southwest General Hospital’s Sports Medicine Program, it’s just as important to keep exercising when summer’s over.

VCS Salon and Spa is setting trends

What’s hot and happening in the world of beauty? Medina’s VCS Salon & Spa has the answer.

Laser treatment helps you quit smoking or lose weight

By utilizing the principles of acupuncture, Luciana McCartney, of Aculaser Treatment Center, in Broadview Heights, uses a low-level laser to treat patients who want to quit smoking or lose weight.