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Summa is on the move

Here’s how the reinvigorated Summa Health Orthopedic Institute is helping people to get moving again.

Should you create a power of attorney online?

Strongsville attorney John J. Urban says creating a power of attorney online could end up being way more trouble than it’s worth.

UWD’s super heroes of service

Todd Maynard and Joe Scicchitano might appear to be two ordinary guys working for one of Northeast Ohio’s most successful window companies, but are they?

Lasers and lights: Which cosmetic service is right for you?

Northeast Ohio’s Apex Dermatology introduced two new budget-friendly ways to rejuvenate face and body.

Animal House: Medina County SPCA

The Medina County SPCA has a new home, and an even greater need for volunteers.

Hixson's: The Christmas experience

After 64 years, Hixson’s in Lakewood is still the place to discover the magic of Christmas.

Holiday catering with Mr. G’s

Published: 12/07/2016 by Mimi Vanderhaven in Food

Holiday catering with Mr. G’s

With help from Fairlawn’s Mr. G’s Pizzeria and Wings, holiday parties can be fun and easy. Hey, even Santa has elves.

Holiday glam

Published: 12/07/2016 by Patricia Nugent in Health & Beauty

Holiday glam

Strongsville’s Dolce Organic Salon has gifts galore and fresh ideas for gals to get their seasonal glam on.

40 minutes to fitness

The exclusive MaxStrength Fitness system promises maximum results in a minimum amount of time.

Your look, on point

The newly refreshed Lynette Sciulli Day Spa in Westlake helps clients look and feel fabulous.