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New Balance shoes are good for the sole

The new New Balance store in Shaker Heights can support your sole.

No more fad dieting

AcuLaser Treatment Center, in Broadview Heights, can help you lose the weight without pills or supplements.

Zoning in on garage organization

With EncoreGarage’s budget-friendly planning process, you can increase existing storage options at your own pace and double the bang for your buck.

CEOs and the struggle to stay fit

The problem for most CEOs isn’t getting to the top; it’s maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Westlake’s MaxStrength helps them overcome the struggle and stay fit.

Buying replacement windows: UWD eliminates the excuses

Chad Howman, president of Northeast Ohio’s Universal Windows Direct, takes the excuses and the guesswork out of buying replacement windows.

Live the dream

Published: 08/23/2016 by Patricia Nugent in Home

Live the dream

The 2016 Lake County YMCA Dream House is a stunning tribute to high style and organic design.

Lighting as art

Published: 08/30/2016 by Patricia Nugent in Home

Lighting as art

The art and craft of lighting a home comes alive at North Canton’s Lumen Nation.

House washing: Enjoy your “after” before it’s too late

If you've never had your property power washed, you should. It can make a significant improvement in its appearance, and when done by a company like Perfect Power Wash, the newly cleaned surfaces are left with a coat of protection.

The 26th Annual Berea Arts Fest

The 26th Annual Berea Arts Fest returns to its Front Street location. Expand your creative mind by touring more than 120 booths on Sunday, September 11.

Can dogs see color?

Published: 08/24/2016 by Mitch Allen in Smart Living

Can dogs see color?

Although dogs can see some colors, they generally cannot detect reds and greens. Compared to humans, they rely more heavily on a heightened sense of smell and hearing.