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Breakthrough treatment for nail fungus

Dr. Eric Trattner has just introduced a revolutionary new treatment that really works on nail fungus.

The MVPs of dentistry

Here's how Five Points Dentistry has built a dream team dedicated to customer service.

Furniture–impress your guests

Impress your guests with these hot deals from Northeast Factory Direct.

Small kitchens rule!

Published: 08/15/2016 by Beth Newcomb in Home

Small kitchens rule!

At Northeast Factory Direct, creating fresh looks for clients with tiny kitchens means pulling out all the organizational stops. Here’s how lead designer Paula Kinney does it.


Published: 07/26/2016 by Ken McEntee in Smart Living


Avon’s Mathnasium closes the math learning gap and helps students to excel.

The Universal Windows Direct system

Universal Windows Direct’s exclusive installation system means you’ll never have to buy another roof again—period. And that’s not the only advantage.

Protecting your adult child

Prepare yourself now with John J. Urban's critical family protection plan.

Sweet corn!

Published: 08/24/2016 by Christine Klecic, Contributing Writer in Food

Sweet corn!

The sweet corn harvest in Ohio is typically mid-July through early September. The most popular variety is the bicolored “honey and cream.”

Reconnecting: Advanced Audiology Concepts

When the world around you seems to be fading, it might be time to reconnect. Mentor’s Advanced Audiology Concepts can help.

The perfect fit

Published: 08/22/2016 by Ken McEntee in Health & Beauty

The perfect fit

Here’s why the team at Brookway Hearing Center is committed to making the experience of hearing better a perfect fit for patients.