Flooring durability meets beauty


Published: 10/12/2016

by Patricia Nugent

W.C. Fields advised people to “never work with animals or children,” but those of us with kiddos and/or four-legged friends know that life just wouldn’t be the same without them.


And along with runny noses and shedding fur, trashed floors are just part of the package, right?


Not anymore.


Nowadays, thanks to flooring options that are virtually indestructible, it’s possible to enjoy a pristine home no matter how much wear and tear you encounter. (Take that, Mr. Fields.)


Durability Meets Beauty

“I often hear people say they want to wait a year or two to replace worn flooring until their kids leave the house,” says Monica Guhde Rosa, office manager at Guhde Flooring America in Painesville. “Well, the wait is over.”


She says the latest luxury vinyl plank flooring from COREtec offers a 100 percent child- and pet-proof option that features a lifetime warranty.


“Not only does it come in 95 gorgeous styles and colors, most of which are backed with natural sustainable cork, but the planks are also completely waterproof thanks to a formula that has UV-cured acrylic built into the finish,” she says.


And for DIY-ers it’s a cinch to install, as it goes over existing flooring with little or no sub-floor preparation.


“Our newest lines, COREtec HD and COREtec Design, have even more visual nuances in texture, as well as bevels in the planks for a realistic wood look,” she notes. “And to keep up with the trends in decor, you can choose from wider plank widths (five-, seven- and nine-inch).”


Keeping it Plush 

Modern manufacturing technologies have evolved in the world of carpet, too.


One of the latest lines is Innovia Xtreme Clean, and its stain protection is built into the natural-based fiber so it cannot wash or wear off.


“A wonderful feature of this carpet, which is certified to be free of harmful substances, is that all it takes to clean is water,” she says. “Many of the carpet cleaning products on the market have chemicals and bleaching agents in them that gradually will fade or prematurely wear out carpet, so sticking with just water keeps carpeting looking its best. It feels luxuriously soft and is available in everything from plush to berber and patterns.”


Guhde Flooring America has also offered the Downs line of carpeting for more than 15 years.


“All of the Downs lines are five-star rated, which means they are top-of-the-line and come with a 25-year no exclusions stain-resistance warranty,” she says.


Another key flooring consideration is the cushioning underneath carpet, which makes a noticeable difference in the overall effect.


“We offer Tempur-Pedic foam cushion with a moisture barrier on top of the padding that’s anti-microbial and repels dust and other allergens,” she explains. “This is an upgrade I definitely recommend. It feels cushiony soft to the feet and helps carpet stay looking new longer, especially in high-traffic areas.”


September and October are busy months at Guhde. Monica recommends homeowners don’t wait until the last minute if they want to get their homes ready for the holidays.


For Monica and her husband, Shawn—who, for the record, live with one exuberant dog, Vayda, and three adorably rambunctious children—the flooring of choice was Tigressa H20 frieze carpet, because it offered the exact shades of tan and gold flecks that matched their furniture.


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