Ed Awada goes the extra mile. That’s why clients depend on his Nip Tuck Auto Detailing service to get more life out of their vehicles.

Extra Miles


Published: 08/16/2013

by Ken McEntee


Both of Dr. Clifford Sonnie’s two SUVs are eight years old, but they look showroom new, inside and out. That, he says, is because he has them detailed at least twice a year at Nip Tuck Auto Detailing.


“I wouldn’t go anywhere else,” Clifford insists. “In the past I have gone to detailers where after a week the car didn’t look much different than it did before the detailing was done. With Nip Tuck, the results of the service last for weeks and months. I have no doubt that my cars will last several more years and will continue to look showroom new because I have them detailed at Nip Tuck.”


A comprehensive detailing, says Ed Awada, owner of Nip Tuck, isn’t just a cleaning. It is an investment in the longevity of a vehicle. That’s why he makes no apologies for his prices being at the high end of the detailing business.


There is nothing wrong with dropping your car off at a cheap detailing place they will give it a two-hour once-over, Ed says. In fact, he courteously provides a list of them—with telephone numbers—on his website. But if your idea of a real detailing job is Nip Tuck’s eight- to 10-hour Diamond Care package, Ed would be delighted to make your car sparkle.


“The price of the Diamond Care package is worth every penny,” Clifford insists. “It ensures that every nook and cranny will be inspected, cleaned and polished. The payback is the longer life and higher value of the car.”


Ed says some detailers at best use shop vac to service interior floors. Nip Tuck’s carpet extractor uses 210-degree steam and 250 pounds of lift per square inch to pull dirt and stains from carpets, prolonging their new appearance. Nip Tuck uses a specially formulated leather treatment that prevents drying, cracking and UV damage from sunlight.


Along with detailing, Nip Tuck offers additional services, like under-carriage rust proofing, headlight restoration, auto glass repair and replacement, paint protection film, dents and decal removal.


Besides the meticulous detailing work, Clifford is also impressed with Nip Tuck’s overall customer service.


“Ed is an honest man who calls and asks how the service was,” Clifford says. “A note card is nice but a phone call from a real person in the today’s era of texts and emails is well above and beyond the norm. I only wish that besides detailing the engine Nip Tuck could service them as well. I have no doubt I would turn a half million miles on both of my cars.”


Nip Tuck Auto's locations are at 1484 Medina Road (Rt. 18), in Medina (330-321-1065), and 9840 York Alpha Drive, Suite “D”, in North Royalton (216-744-7928). You can find complete information on all Nip Tuck services and packages at