Cryotherapy is just another example of Synergy Sports Massage owner Mary Riley’s ability to look far into the future for emerging sports therapies.



Published: 09/17/2012

by Patricia Nugent

The same therapy that fueled (or rather cooled) medal-winning Olympic athletes onto greatness in London is coming to Cleveland. Synergy Sports Massage is introducing Cryotherapy this month.


Since opening this spring in Berea, this elite sports therapy studio has made a name for itself by being the first to debut AntiGravity Yoga in the area. Cryotherapy is just another example of owner Mary Riley’s ability to look far into the future for emerging sports therapies.


“All athletes and trainers know there is nothing like an ice bath to rehab sore muscles and joints as well as reduce inflammation,” says Mary. “So think of Cryotherapy as the ultimate ice bath for the entire body. But it promises far greater benefits (such as enhanced blood flow and oxygenation of the muscles) since it drops the temperature so much colder than ice can.”


Endorsed by professional athletes and doctors, including Dr. Oz, the Cryosauna at Synergy is the first in Ohio. Clients stand in this cylinder for two-and-a-half minutes while nitrogen vapor gently blows around the body, cooling the chamber up to 274 degrees below zero.


In addition to decreased muscle soreness and improved performance, this treatment offers a host of reported health benefits, from reduction in pain and inflammation caused by arthritis to tighter, healthier skin, cellulite reduction, weight loss and more, plus a boost to the immune system.


“When I first researched Cryotherapy, I flew to Texas to try it out for myself and was blown away by how great it made me feel,” says Mary. “It is similar to standing in a very cold freezer. As soon as you step out of the chamber, you feel the heat shooting through your body to your extremities. And thanks to the release of endorphins, I could feel the energy boost for hours afterward.”


She explains the added benefit of jump starting weight loss resulting from just several uses of the sauna a week is because the body expends about 500-800 calories to warm itself up after a treatment.


“For best results, I would recommend two to three treatments a week to begin, then once a week after the first month,” says Mary.


Cryotherapy is a natural complement to the wide range of massage therapy, yoga and fitness classes at Synergy. In fact, local yoga enthusiasts have raved about the AntiGravity Yoga experience here, which is practiced in a silk hammock hung from the ceiling.


Synergy also offers traditional Hatha yoga classes and packages as well as private yoga sessions. A newer offering at Synergy is the Latin-inspired dance fitness program – Zumba.


While Sports Massage is Synergy’s specialty, many therapeutic massage treatments are available. “We’re massage experts,” says Mary. “We work with you to find just the right massage you need on any given day.”


“Everything works together for the ultimate in treating and nurturing the best results for our clients, whether they’re a professional football player, a weekend warrior, or a client rehabbing from surgery,” she says. “Everybody is welcome here and we will work to help our clients get and stay on the right track to achieve their best overall health, fitness and performance results.”


Tucked into a quiet corner on the second floor of the Helwig Whistle Stop, a new upscale retail center in Berea, Synergy provides a private, client focused environment where personal attention is top priority.


Synergy Sports Massage is located at 625 West Bagley Road, on the second floor of the Helwig Whistle Stop center, in Berea. For more information, call 440-941-5511. You can check out videos about the Cryosauna, AntiGravity, Ashiatsu Massage and more on the website at