Caring for People and Their Eyes


Published: 09/24/2009

by Amy Bulger

As parents, we dream that our children's lives will be better than ours. And that dream is often intensified for parents who immigrated to this country.

Dr. Anthony Cirino's father was born in Italy; his mother, Greece. Years later, raising a family in Euclid, Ohio, they were living their own American dream. They owned and operated a restaurant where hospitality was paramount.
Young Anthony watched and learned and worked hard. The family's reward manifested itself in higher-education for Anthony, first at John Carroll University, then four years of medical school at Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences.

In 1998, Anthony Cirino became Dr. Anthony Cirino.

After a year-long medical internship and a three-year residency in ophthalmology, Dr. Cirino became an expert in the anatomy, function and disease of the eye, able to perform complex, delicate eye surgery.

His expertise allowed him to secure a coveted position at one of Northeast Ohio�s most respected health systems. But it was not long before the shine was off the honor.I was expected to see as many patients as possible each day, Dr. Cirino recalls. In that revolving door environment, there just was not enough time to care for patients the way I wanted.

Feeling tired, unfulfilled and thinking back to his family's restaurant days, Dr. Cirino knew how patients ought to be treated.

In 2006, with the support of his wife Rebecca, a physician herself, as well as the mother of their now four children, Dr. Cirino launched Cirino Eye Center, becoming Brunswick's only ophthalmologist. It is a small practice, with Dr. Cirino performing all patient services himself, including routine eye exams for glasses and contacts.

According to Dr. Cirino, it is important to see an ophthalmologist because as a board-certified physician he's trained to diagnose diseases of the eye and to spot systemic conditions in their earliest stages, like diabetes and autoimmune disorders.

And because he is a medical doctor, his services are covered by most major health insurance plans, including Medicare. Your visit to him does not necessarily require a special vision plan.

Dr. Cirino wanted his office to have easy access. He located his practice just off Center Road (Rt. 303), west of I-71. We wanted to be convenient for people, he says.Our patients can park right at the door. Our elderly patients especially appreciate that.

When you call Cirino Eye Center for an appointment, Dr. Cirino's assistant Jennifer and receptionist Erika will kindly help get you scheduled, most often within a few days. If it is an emergency, Dr. Cirino will see you that day.
Within the practice, is Riverside Optical, where Certified Optician Bill Sado offers a large selection of glasses at affordable prices that will be ready for you in a timely manner. Bill is even able to handle many eye glass repairs right on site.

But Cirino Eye Center is patient-centered care is about more than warmth, friendliness, convenience and affordability.

It is also about leading technology.

Dr. Cirino offers patients the most up-to-date treatment available in cataract surgery and intraocular lenses.
�Today, the newest lenses used in cataract surgery can make it so you no longer even need reading glasses, he shares. It is not just about seeing better,it is about enhancing the quality of your life.

Eighty-five year old Marcella Dennison got an important part of her life back after Dr. Cirino performed cataract surgery on both eyes. I was completely flabbergasted at the results, says Marcella. I was almost blind and could no longer even read the newspaper. After surgery...I can read the small print again.

Cataract surgery not only clears the cloudiness patients have been experiencing, but actually improves vision. Anthony Sprague had been wearing glasses for sixty-four years, since age four. I was blind as a bat, laughs Anthony. It took the vision impairment caused by cataracts and the confidence gained in Dr. Cirino for Anthony to consider eye surgery.  With his old lenses surgically replaced with new ones, Anthony's vision tested at 20/25 without glasses. For the first time in his life, Anthony could see out of his own eyes. It was almost a breeze, shares Anthony. I should have done it a long time ago.

If you're overdue for an eye checkup, need new glasses, or have been experiencing more serious issues such as cataracts or glaucoma, you no longer have to leave the Southwest Suburbs to find advanced, personalized care from a patient-centered eye doctor.

And that, no doubt, makes Dr. Cirino's parents very proud.

Cirino Eye Center is located at 3898 Center Road (Route 303) in Brunswick. The phone number is 330-273-5588. Learn more when you visit their website at