Published: 03/23/2011

by Ken McEntee

You probably don’t want a yellow jacket inside your home.

But you’re not alone: The yellow jacket doesn’t want to be there either.

Unfortunately, says Scott Friedler, owner of The Friedler Company, the volatile insects often end up on the wrong side of your screen. They can come in through a small gap, or by chewing through your drywall, which, to them, is quite an appetizing meal.

“Once they are inside, yellow jackets tend to get confused and it doesn’t take a lot to provoke them,” Scott warns. “Once they are provoked, there’s a good chance that somebody is going to be stung.”

The best solution, Scott says, is to stop them before they get in. Friedler’s exclusive 365 Protection Plan is designed to keep insects away from your home. The 365 Protection Plan is a pest control maintenance system that features pre-scheduled exterior treatments and Scott’s pledge to provide “a year without pests.”

The key words that describe the program are “convenient” and “effective.”

Unlike other pest control companies, Friedler focuses on the outside—not the inside—of your home. Except in rare cases, pesticides are never sprayed inside your home. And when they are, natural botanical pesticides usually can be applied instead of traditional chemicals.

“Our goal is prevention, not removal,” Scott explains. “We treat the outside of the home to eliminate the pests before they get inside. This greatly reduces the need for traditional interior treatments.”

While you don’t want yellow jackets inside the house, they’re not friendly guests in the yard either.

“They are pretty nasty to begin with, but later in the summer they start to get intoxicated with the fermenting sugars in fallen fruit and they are even more agitated,” says Scott, who speaks to school children about stinging insect safety. “If you want to get stung, try to knock down their nest or throw things at them. If you don’t want to get stung, have the problem eliminated by a professional. Summers are short. You don’t want an insect problem to compromise the enjoyment of your yard.”

Along with the dangers of stinging insects, other invaders, like carpenter ants and spiders, also pose summer problems.

“Some people just freak out when they see bugs in their house,” Scott says. “But there is more to the problem than being afraid of them. Carpenter ants, which begin to become more prominent in the spring, can cause a lot of damage. And spider bites are more common than people realize. A Brown Recluse Spider bite can be very serious.”

The Friedler 365 Protection Plan is not only effective, but also convenient, Scott promises.

“Since we do everything on the outside of the home, you don’t have to be home, missing a day of work, when Friedler’s pest control technician comes to apply your treatments,” he says.

That’s the convenient part.

“What you get is 365 days of pest control for one price,” Scott says. “It includes whatever we have to do, however we have to do it. It’s a pest control plan you don’t have to worry about.”

The 365 Protection Plan includes three seasonal exterior applications to create what Scott calls a “free zone” that extends from the home’s foundation onto the surrounding ground surface. Pests that dare to enter the free zone generally don’t make it to the house. An optional rodent inspection can be added to your plan. If you see a pest in the house after the applications, Friedler will come back at no additional charge.

While the 365 Protection Plan focuses on prevention, Friedler will solve your pest problems after the invasion as well.

Scott, who started the business 11 years ago, has 19 years of experience controlling pests in residential and commercial settings. He has a working relationship with expert entomologists at the University of Kentucky and Purdue.

“When there is a real tough case, I can just get on the phone and get help from some of the most knowledgeable researchers in the country,” he says.

Spring is the preferred time to begin your 365 Protection Plan and guarantee your year without pests. To get started, you can call 330-963-0085. Friedler is located at 9347 Ravenna Rd, Suite C, in Twinsburg 44087. Visit to learn more.